About Theology on a Stick
In 2008 the Cathedral Young Adults ministry, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, decided to take their long running, and extremely successful series entitled "Theology on Tap" to the Minnesota State Fair. Theology on Tap is a series of theological and philosophical talks that takes place in bars all over the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. These talks are given by local priests and college professors and are very diverse in content and structure. Theology on a Stick would differ a bit from Theology on Tap in length and style, but the core principal remained the same. Theology on a Stick (or as we call it - ToS) is an evangelization effort and now in its second year, promises to be bigger than ever.

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Theology on a Stick Mission Statement
Through the invitation of a welcoming atmosphere, utilizing catechetical presentations and talks, we strive to proclaim the Gospel to those searching for life meaning with little or no faith perspective, as well as to provide an opportunity for faithful Christians to better know Jesus Christ through the Truth reveled by God.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul Young Adults Mission Statement:
The Cathedral Young Adults (CYA) organization is comprised of young adults, ages 18-39, single or married, who seek to know, love, and serve our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. CYA works to minister to all young adults in our area, Catholic or non-Catholic, always with our purpose in mind--to advance in authentic Fides (faith), Communio (community), and Missio (mission). The Cathedral Young Adults are a vibrant group with multiple events, activities, and spiritual offerings occurring each week.

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The Cathedral of Saint Paul Mission Statement
The Cathedral of Saint Paul is the Mother Church of the Archdiocese and a parish community of faith rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition. Our mission is to know, love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. The center of our life is the Sunday Liturgy, where we come to know Christ in one another, in Sacred Scripture and in Sacrament. We educate in the faith, minister to those in need, extend hospitality to all and contribute to the cultural and spiritual life of the city.
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